Number 17 template for birthday hat

Birthday Crowns, Certificates, & Chart for Your Classroom

Twist the cone and secure on the other side. You can also glue this bit instead of tape it. Thread your Pom Pom threads through the top of your hat if need be, you can snip a little of the hat off and make the opening bigger.

Mini paper top hats for parties

Fancy a slightly different party hat? Why not give these fabulous Party Crown Printables from Hattifant a go? Party Crown by Hattifant.

How to make Birthday cone hat - Micky and Minnie Hats -- Birthday hat template-Art and craft

Over 12 activity ideas, with a choice of printables for almost each activity! Countdown Clock. Countdown Wrist Watches to colour as you go. Use the time to write some printable Thank You Cards.

DIY mini paper top hats: Instantly download party hat templates!

Absolutely adorable…and your daughter is just too cute! My daughter looked the same in her party hat at age 2.

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Comments Your little girl is so cute, and so normal. At least I have one vote for mom of the year! At least the cat would like me!

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Amen, Jamie!? Love this party hat, Jenna! Cute, easy, and sparkles! That is my favorite kind of craft! Just wanted to say a huge thank you for sharing all of your hard work! While I have been involved in ECE for 28 years, most of those years were in childcare management.

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Thank you for all you do! Thank you very much for all your posts. These are awesome. Blessings to you and yours. Have a wonderful year.

Right …. Dear Karen You are doing a wonderful job…. Good Luck. Thanks so much! Thank you so much Karen for sharing your ideas with us, this is what I call creativity at its best, cant wait to have this in my class. You are such a blessing. Thank you for those kinds words and how wonderful to share your ideas to all of us. Lots of blessings and continue to share your beautiful creativity.

DIY New Year’s Eve Party Hats for 12222

Once again thank you. God bless you. I have been teaching in Hong Kong as a kindergarten English teacher teaching PN class pre-nursery years old for a year and I stumbled across your website. I start my school year next week in a new school and I am looking forward to more of your updates and wonderful ideas. Yet again thanks?. Thank you lm inspired really. Your articles are helpful l am looking forward my exams in ECD diploma early october. Be blessed. Thank you so much for doing black line things.

I do not have a colored printer so it makes it so nice for me to do all your things for my pre-school so much easier. Thanks again. Thank you Karen! I look forward to your email—you have so many wonderful ideas. Thanks again! I am grateful for your generosity!