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Even so, this will pass. Ultimately the family unit feeds the very soul of a Cancer child.

They will always return to that focal point. What else can you expect from your Cancer child? Lots of tears.

These water babies are governed by the moon. Throughout their life they will enjoy bright, lively colors, great food and affection. The Cancer child can be easily hurt, even with that hard outer shell. A little TLC from mom and dad readily fixes most of these situations. This star sign has a strong sense of compassion and a deep-seated craving for overall peace in the home. The only problem is that her emotions wax and wane like the moon.

While your Cancer daughter may trust you, her intrinsic personality dictates that she is very slow to trust people outside of her inner circle.

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She wants to find one or two people that she feels she can really trust. When faced with rejection, the Cancer girl readily retreats into her shell, needing an inner sanctum in which to heal. Some of the best ways to provide that is by having a consistent family routine and showing your feelings repeatedly. There is nothing impulsive about your baby. She thinks through everything down to the minutia. This is a great outlet for your Cancerian. Definitely encourage it!

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With all this love you might think that raising a Cancerian daughter is a walk in the part. Be aware, however, that they can be very stubborn girls. Once she puts down an opinion she will patiently wait for you to agree with her — as long as it takes! This has a lot to do with a distaste for any type of confrontation.

December 1 Zodiac - Full Horoscope Personality

The only time your daughter will actually fight is if they feel threatened or they feel the family unit is in danger. This period is very important to the Cancer personality. Your Cancer boy is rather shy and somewhat secretive. Even with family it takes time for your son to warm up to people. He cares about his space and maintaining the peace.

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When the family fights, your Cancer son will be very unhappy and often retreat until the chaos stops. Even then when he does emerge he does so with caution. He will need reassurance and some quality time so that they do not feel rejected. Like a Cancer daughter order is very important to your son as are their personal possessions. He is not greedy, he just has specific tastes.

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A Sagittarius born December 14 is symbolized by the Archer and has a friendly nature. Learn about December 14 birthday astrology. Children and Family. Birthday Horoscope for People Born on December 14 — Sagittarius Zodiac family know you for your warm, friendly and charming personality.

This is one boy that you need to take shopping with you, not just pick out something on a whim. More often than not your son is a home body. He likes close ties and a sense of security. The innovative design allows each element to be stacked neatly together, making apartment living a breeze.

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